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(DTPtechNote:666) try文の中の文字化け

OS : MacOS X10.3.2
ASのtry文の中ってtell app "finder"ハンドラの中であったとしても

on run
	tell application "Finder"
		with timeout of 3600 seconds
				set ANS_1 to display dialog "現在の設定は..." & return & "拡大/縮小率(%):" & scale_rate & return & "画像配置方法   :" & place_way default answer scale_rate buttons {"キャンセル", "スタック", "タイル"} default button place_way with icon 1
				set ANS_2 to display dialog "貼り込み間隔は..." default answer interval_space with icon 1
					set place_way to button returned of ANS_1
					set scale_rate to (text returned of ANS_1) as number
					if scale_rate < 0.1 or scale_rate > 19999 then error --拡大/縮小率の制限
					set interval_space to (text returned of ANS_2) as number
					exit repeat
				on error errMsg number errNum
					set aa to display dialog "文字化けしちゃうよ" & return & errMsg & return & errNum--★★★
				end try
			end repeat
		end timeout
	end tell
end run