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(DTPtechNote:690) Illustrator CSでのtext frame

は、Illustrator 10とはだいぶ違います

tell application "Illustrator CS"
	set my_str to "市川せうぞー" & return & "ym3s-ickw@asahi-net.or.jp"
	set my_font to text font "KozGoStd-ExtraLight" --階層に注意(application直下で)
	set my_color to {cyan:0, magenta:100, yellow:100, black:0}
	--set my_color to {red:255, green:0, blue:0}
	set {my_left, my_top, my_width, my_height} to {0, 0, 200, 50}
	tell document 1
		set my_rectangle to make new rectangle at front with properties {position:{my_left, my_top}, width:my_width, height:my_height}
		--	text pathを利用する
		set my_textframe to make new text frame at front with properties {kind:area text, text path:my_rectangle, contents:my_str}
		set properties of every paragraph of text of my_textframe to {fill color:my_color, text font:my_font, size:16}
	end tell
end tell