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(DTPtechNote:421) Re: 段落罫線について


>				repeat with i from 1 to count paragraphs
>					tell paragraph i
>						my move_para(i)
>						set end of tmp_color to name of color of rule below
>					end tell
>				end repeat
>to move_para(i)
>	tell application "QuarkXPress 3.3Jr7"
>		set selection to insertion point before paragraph i of current box of document 1
>	end tell
>end move_para

どっちかというと、object referenceで渡した方が確実かと。

tell paragraph i
my move_para(object reference)
end tell

to move_para(p)
	tell application "*2QuarkXPress召 to set selection to insertion point before p
end move_para